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HVAC System Survey: Let’s face it, a buildings mechanical performance, overall use, and personnel, change through the years. With these changes, come comfort issues and changes in room requirements. dL Flow Tech has trained and experienced technicians for system surveys, system trouble shooting, and commissioning for Air and Hydronic systems. In addition we offer detailed reports to comply with JCAHO specifications for healthcare systems. We also work with engineers for pre-construction surveys as well and energy management and energy savings studies.


Fire Damper Testing

Fire Damper Testing: Our certified testing of fire dampers provides our customers with another service to meet requirements for inspections in their facility. We have certified technicians not only in the testing of the dampers but in testing of the HVAC system. Many times when testing or trouble shooting heating or cooling problems we find closed dampers or fire dampers. Not only can testing your fire dampers help your compliance with inspections but many times it can help you find a contributing factor to temperature problems, comfort complaints and in many casing help with energy savings.



Retro-Commission: Retro-Commissioning is the systematic process by which the owner ensures that the building systems are optimized to perform interactively to meet the current operational demands. We survey the systems and give the building owner a full depiction of what is occurring within the building. If there are issues we present the building owner with suggestions for fixing any/all problems. A fully detailed, customer oriented and certified report will be included in the service in a timely and professional manor. Retro-Commissioning has gained prominence as a cost-effective strategy for improving energy performance. It is an independent process that takes place long after construction, and is applied to the building that has not previously been commissioned. Retro-Commissioning is a systematic process intended not only to optimize how equipment, systems and sub-systems operate, but also to optimize how the systems function together. Minimize Operating Cost Assure Occupant Comfort Assure System Reliability Save Energy Demonstrate Code Compliance Maximize Occupant Safety Minimize Liability.


Health Care Facilities

An essencial part of maintenance in a health care facility is airflow quantity and direction. Facilities are required to maintain and comply with current regulations for the safty of it's occupants. dL Flow Tech offers service contracts on a quartly or yearly basis. This allows the maintenance facility personel to be proactive in their compliance responsibilities as well as give piece of mind that their facility is safe for it's occupants. Call us today for a service quote!!!!

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